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Sky Theatre Group is an independent, registered not-for-profit company. Originally established in 2013 as a Canadian community theatre by a group of Vancouver based and international professional theatre artists who are moved to and live in Vancouver. We work with Vancouver communities to practice theatrical ideas and train young amateurs. Sky Theatre Group Society was incorporated as a not-for-profit theatre company in 2017..


The Sky Theatre is an umbrella to invisible artists from visible minorities in Canada. Our productions represent the cultural diversity of the Canadian communities, we create a relationship between them. We bring subjects of diversity into the discourses of our work. Moreover, we bring in diverse different talents together working towards a common goal using different sets of skills that increase our retention and productivity.

Our mission remains to engage, entertain, and challenge audiences with modern theatrical productions. Moreover, we train and support the next generation of theatre artists, and provide acting training programs in order to promote lifelong learning with new acting techniques inspired by the most effective methods of theatre and acting.

We believe that through diverse storytelling, communal bridges of tolerance will be formed. Through our experience of telling stories from different parts of the world and giving voices to the voiceless, we can forge stronger and richer communities.
Furthermore, we train young amateurs and provide a safe working environment for students, new graduates emerging artists and artists who are new to Canada.

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