Are you a new immigrant,  a refugee, or a newcomer

                                                             interested in theatre?

                                                       Join the Sky Theatre Group


                                         MY HOME IS A SUITCASE 


                                      What will we do?


    Fifteen mixed gender and backgrounds will work together with the acting coach, director, and writer Rzgar Hama to create a play about their journey to Canada. The metaphor for this journey is meaningful suitcase. The workshop is followed by acting training and a public performance of the stories.


                            We’d like to talk to you if you:

  • are between the ages of 25 and 80, have immigrated, or come as a refugee to Canada as an adult;

  • love theatre;

  • learned English as a second language;  

  • want to tell your story;

  • are interested in learning others’ stories.


To apply: contact Sky Theatre Group at